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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Group pushes deadline on health care reforms in state

When Republicans controlled the state Legislature, Democrats tried in vain to promise affordable health care to all Wisconsinites by a certain date.

Now, with the prospect of Democrats ruling the Capitol, the liberal-leaning Citizen Action group is pressing the issue again.

It got 7,000 people in Green Bay to sign petitions demanding a November referendum on the subject.

It would call on legislators to guarantee that all Wisconsinites get at least the same quality of care the politicians get by the end of 2009.

The Green Bay City Council will be asked to adopt the measure on Aug. 5.

If it doesn't, it would go to a binding referendum under the state's direct legislation law.

Dan Wadle of Citizen Action says politicians need to know that the people demand reforms.

They don't advocate a specific plan, but they do advocate a deadline for action.

An official of Green Bay's Labor Council says almost three dozen unions in the area support the referendum.

Republicans cited the lack of details for refusing to consider the timetable a couple years ago.