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Spafford Nutrition opens in New Richmond

Spafford Nutrition recently opened on South Knowles Avenue and has more than 50 smoothie options available. Pictured are owner Chris Spafford (center) and employees Tyler Wilson and Cassandra Boumeester.

In an effort to "bring life" back to downtown New Richmond and promote healthy lifestyles, Chris Spafford has opened Spafford Nutrition on Knowles Avenue.

Spafford Nutrition, located at 121 S. Knowles Ave., opened Aug. 10 and has a variety of health products, according to Spafford.

"We have a full line of products for men's health, women's health, fish oils, Omega-3, glucosamines, pretty much anything for your body," he said.

Spafford Nutrition also has a full smoothie bar, with more than 50 options available.

"All our shakes are under 300 calories so you can use them as a meal replacement or a protein, post workout shake," Spafford said.

Currently, Spafford Nutrition is selling a 20 ounce shake, a 16 ounce herbal tea and a shot of aloe combination.

According to Spafford, the aloe is good for digestion and the tea works to boost the immune system and metabolism.

Spafford said he and the rest of the staff, which he calls coaches, will also do health evaluations on customers using a high-tech scale that measures body fat.

"I can tell you how much body fat is in each arm, each leg, in your midsection," Spafford said. "It tells me your metabolic age and water weight. A lot of this stuff people are actually scared to know."

Spafford said that once the evaluation is complete, he and the other coaches will work with customers to help them meet their fitness goals. And right now, the health evaluations are free.

"We're going to have them free for a while since we just opened and eventually we'll round it into package deals," Spafford said.

Spafford has been a personal trainer for more than seven years and health and nutrition have always been important to him. He said opening up a health store seemed to be a logical next step.

"It kind of goes hand in hand, being a personal trainer and health and nutrition," Spafford said. "With the clientele that I have being a personal trainer I just made the commitment to shift over. I still do personal training but now I opened a nutrition store."

Spafford also noted the many vacant buildings in downtown New Richmond and hopes his business will "bring back a little bit of excitement" to the area.

"I've always been about health and trying to spark up the retail community here in New Richmond," he said.