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PTSD seminar planned Oct. 27

The members of VFW Post 10818 are sponsoring a seminar on Post-Traumatic Stress at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27, in the Community Commons building auditorium, New Richmond.

The seminar is free and open to the public.

The presenter will be Jackie Wright with the Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery Unit at the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital. She will define PTSD and discuss available treatment options.

Following the presentation, the audience will be asked to help the VFW to develop a plan to reduce the problem in this area. One suggestion is to develop a "veterans' court" concept at the District Court level.

Another thought us developing a texting network among veterans who have served in the same war zone at about the same time.

A third suggestion is developing a non-clinical veteran center centered on the "self-help" concept. Another thought is providing law enforcement officers with a VFW phone contact.

PTSD may lead to depression, substance abuse, family break-ups, domestic situations, assaults or suicides. PTSD patients generate many 911 calls, and as a result law enforcement personnel, medical rescue and fire department personnel are invited to attend the seminar.

VFW officials also encourage anyone dealing with PTSD, or anyone who knows someone with PTSD, to attend the gathering.

"Our goal is to support traditional VA service," said VFW Commander Dave Green. "We need their advice, their research data and their resources. We wish to add to those services at a more local, personal level."

For more information, call the VFW at 715-246-0226.