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Westfields Hospital to form advisory group

Westfields Hospital is forming a patient and family advisory group to obtain a better understanding of the patient care needs and perceptions of the care they receive in New Richmond.

The hospital hopes to include people who not only live and work in the community, but also those who use the facility's services. The goal for the advisory group is to bring back feedback and use it to the fullest extent to assess what Westfields does and where the hospital wants to go in the future in order to continue to provide and exceptional experience, high quality care all at an affordable cost.

Westfields is looking for 10-12 volunteers who will be willing to commit to attending four to six meetings for one year. The hospital will be asking for diversified participants from the New Richmond and surrounding communities in varied age ranges who have used Westfields Hospital. Participants will be offered a stipend as well as a meal.

The group will collaborate on a wide range of issues that affect patients. Agendas and meeting minutes will be reviewed at successive meetings as well as reviewed by physicians and leadership at the hospital.

If you are interested in being a part of the advisory group, call 715-243-2875 or email mary.b.johnson@westfield

Westfields Hospital is a full-service hospital offering emergency services, specialty clinics, and maternity services, as well as medical and surgical inpatient and outpatient care. Westfields Hospital is part of the HealthPartners family of care.