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Repairs started on dam near Lake Delton

Repairs started Monday on the dam that's close to where Lake Delton got flushed down the Wisconsin River a month and a-half ago.

A breach created a channel that washed away the lake, five homes, and a good share of Lake Delton's summer tourist economy.

Last week, the village agreed to spend $1.5 million to improve the dam. The approaches to the gates will be reshaped so they can handle more water - and emergency spillways will be installed on both sides of the dam.

Village trustee Tom Diehl says the new dam will hold more than twice as much water as the old one.

Already, water from nearby Dell Creek is running through the breach.

Officials expect water to move back through the dam in about a month.

Diehl says the lake could start refilling as early as November.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation says the nearby County Trunk A should be reopened by the end of the year. The road collapsed during the heavy rains on June 9, which was partially responsible for the lake disappearing.

The Village of Lake Delton is still trying to get back into the National Flood Insurance Program.

The board has been told that the owners of the five damaged homes have been offered federal compensation.