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Accused Marinette County shooter reportedly planned to kill emergency responders

Scott Johnson reportedly thought about committing a random shooting for the last four or five years.

A prosecutor said he killed three teens last week so first responders and sheriff's officers would respond quickly, and he would kill them too.

That's the scenario laid out by Marinette County District Brent DeBord, in a criminal complaint against Johnson, 38.

It charges the former military officer with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide in last week's shootings near Niagara on the Wisconsin-Michigan border.

Officials said Johnson opened fire on a group of swimmers, at the same place where he allegedly molested a 24-year-old woman the day before

He has not been charged in that incident.

DeBord said Johnson decided to execute his mass shooting plan after suspecting his sexual assault victim would go to the police.

Johnson, of Kingsford Mich., is due in court today (Thursday). Authorities said all the shots were fired on the Wisconsin side, but one of the victims was killed in Michigan - where they're all from.

Upper Peninsula authorities are doing their own investigation and they say additional charges are possible.