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Good corn crop expected

The June floods won't stop Wisconsin from having another big corn crop.

That's according to the National Ag Statistics Service.

It predicts that Wisconsin will harvest about 416 million bushels of corn this fall. That's down about 27 million bushels from last year, due to reduced acreage.

But the average yields are expected to be a bit higher - 141 bushels an acre, about six bushels more than in 2007.

Wisconsin farmers have been growing more corn to feed not only our taste buds but also the state's growing number of corn-based ethanol fuel plants.

The state's soybean crop is expected to be bigger - about 68 million bushels, up 16.5 million from last year.

There will be more winter wheat, too.

The oat harvest is projected to be unchanged.

Ron Tauchen of the Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service says some fields in the flood-ravaged south are in great shape today, while others were under water for so long, it killed the plants.

Many areas were replanted and their total maturity is about two weeks behind schedule.

Experts say the biggest fear now is an early frost.