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Big Harley-Davidson birthday bash planned in Milwaukee

Harley riders are on their way to Milwaukee to celebrate the motorcycle legend's 105th anniversary.

Harley-Davidson organized 105 starting points around the country that merge into 25 routes headed toward the company's home town.

Thousands of riders are due in Wednesday.

Over 100,000 are expected for the four-day bash which begins Thursday in Milwaukee.

A parade, concerts, and numerous other events are planned.

The celebration also takes place during the 25th anniversary of the Harley Owners Group - which has 1,400 chapters in 135 nations.

The group known as HOG signed up its one-millionth member last year.

Despite the shaky economy, HOG vice president Mike Keefe says membership renewal rates have held steady.

They're running about 70 percent, thanks in part to a Harley campaign called "We Don't Do Fear."

It says chrome and asphalt put distance between the riders and what the world throws at them. And "Freedom and wind out-last hard times."