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600 Kimberly paper mill workers to lose jobs today

About 600 paper-mill workers in Kimberly are losing their jobs today (Monday) when the New Page plant shuts down.

They're not going down quietly.

Over the weekend, 3,000 people rallied at an event called "Paper-maker Pride," and the crowd held signs demanding the company to either run the Kimberly mill or sell it.

The Ohio firm bought the mill and others in Wisconsin from Stora Enso.

In July, New Page said it would shut down the plant - blaming the economy and cheaper imports from China.

Appleton Congressman Steve Kagen blamed the shutdown on a failed U.S. trade policy. He collected petition signatures he'll take to the International Trade Commission, claiming it allowed importers from Europe and China to dump their products at illegally cheap prices.

State Assembly Democrat Tom Nelson of Kaukauna called the plant profitable and successful, and if that plant can't stay open, he wonders what other factories can.