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State companies getting more military contracts

We've heard for years how Wisconsin gets less federal aid than almost any other state.

Now, that's starting to change.

Eight Wisconsin businesses and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will get $50 million for various military projects announced Monday.

It's grants like those which rank Wisconsin 40th in the amount of federal dollars it attracts.

That may not sound too good. But in 1999, the Badger State ranked 46th in federal procurements, six places lower than it is now.

And it wasn't too many years ago when Wisconsin was second to last in military grants.

Recently, the Oshkosh Corp., GE Health Care and Manitowoc Co., have won multi-million dollar defense contracts.

Oshkosh got another $28 million from the Marines Monday for things like armor and fire protection kits for its military trucks.

U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl announced $22 million in defense grants, including almost $8 million to DRS Technologies of Milwaukee to create motor and drive systems for the Navy.

UW-Milwaukee got almost $2.5 million to create a system for the rapid repairs of equipment damaged in battlefields.