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Obey will try to push more expensive jobs bill through

Wausau House Democrat Dave Obey says he'll try again to get a massive jobs bill through Congress.

In September, the House approved Obey's $61 billion package of public works projects aimed at stimulating the economy.

But the Senate and President Bush shot it down.

Now, with bigger Democratic majorities elected this week, Obey says he'll take another crack at it. And this time, it will be more extensive including money for energy development.

Obey, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, says it's not a Main Street bailout. He says it will put folks to work on much-needed public projects like schools, roads and airports.

It would also provide job training, and longer unemployment benefits to those who are laid off.

Obey says he'll meet soon with Senate Republicans and the White House to see if they'll get on board.

If they don't, he promises it will be one of his first items of business when Democrat Barack Obama takes over the presidency.