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Barron County officials say no recognizable bones taken in graveyard theft

Authorities in northwest Wisconsin are still not sure who dug up a baby's grave from 1925 as an apparent Halloween prank.

Barron County sheriff's detective Dave Kuffel said it's not likely that any recognizable bones were stolen.

He said a bag of marbles or other trinkets were apparently in the coffin and it's OK if that's the only thing stolen.

Kuffel wants to make sure, so his department continues to investigate.

Authorities believe teens were responsible for the late October grave robbing near Cameron.

The baby's younger brother, Don Locke, said the infant was apparently a full-term baby who died from diphtheria.

Detective Kuffel said that if the thieves were looking for a skeleton or bones, they probably came up empty. He said the baby's bones were so tiny they decomposed long ago to the point of being unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, authorities are trying to determine if a wallet found about a mile from the cemetery had anything to do with the grave robbing.

Kuffel said there was a Social Security card inside, but no money.