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Fishermen rescued from chunk of ice that floats off

Eight ice fishermen were rescued on New Year's Day after being stranded on ice that broke off the shore from the Bay of Green Bay.

Six people were pulled from a huge chunk of ice which broke apart near the city of Green Bay in the town of Gardner.

The Coast Guard picked up two others at Shoemaker Point.

Original reports from the Coast Guard said 12 people had been stranded, but Green Bay media reported later that the total was eight.

Coast Guard spokesman Charles Wolfson said a large freighter had passed through the middle of the bay - and ripples from the boat combined with high winds to break the ice from the shore.

Several trucks and ATV's were left on the ice, and Wolfson says they won't be retrieved until the ice pack shifts, or the entire area freezes over again. He says the incident should serve as a warning to ice fishermen.

Wolfson says it's still early in the season and anglers should stay close to shorelines and have cell phones with them.