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Menominee Indians say they'll challenge Fed ruling on casino

The Menominee Indians say they'll go to federal court to try and get their proposed casino for Kenosha approved.

Wednesday, the U.S. Interior Department said no to letting the tribe build a nearly $1 billion casino and resort complex at the Dairyland Greyhound Park.

Officials said it did not meet tougher standards the agency adopted a year ago for approving tribal casinos away from their reservations.

The farther away a casino is from a tribe's headquarters, the less likely it will be approved.

But project spokesman Evan Zeppos said the rules were adopted arbitrarily without going through Congress or the normal regulatory procedure.

The Menominees sued the government over those rules and a judge refused to grant an injunction to strike them down while the lawsuit is being heard.

The St. Croix tribe lost a similar challenge last year in its effort to build a new casino in Beloit. That case is being appealed.

Meanwhile, the rejection of the Kenosha casino leaves the nearby dog track's future in doubt.

Dairyland is the only track still running, after five opened in Wisconsin in the early '90s. It lost almost $2.5 million last year -- total bets have declined and concerns have been raised about the track's safety.