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Girl Scouts say their cookies not affected by peanut butter recalls

It's OK to buy Girl Scout cookies. The Scouts of the Wisconsin River Valleys and Minnesota said Monday that none of their varieties are affected by the peanut butter recalls spurred by a salmonella outbreak.

Only the Do-Si-Do and Tagalong varieties have peanut butter. Local scouting groups were told Monday that their cookie baker, Little Brownie, does not get any of its peanut butter from the company that's being investigated.

Yesterday, Kellogg's confirmed that salmonella was found in a package of its peanut butter crackers - and General Mills and two large grocery chains pulled their peanut butter products.

Kellogg recalled 16 products last week after learning about possible salmonella poisoning.

Monday, the Michigan company said the Food and Drug Administration confirmed a contamination in a single pack of Austin Quality Foods Toasty Crackers with Peanut Butter. The salmonella outbreak has killed six people and sickened almost 500 others.