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Lawmaker introduces amendment to hold all state elections in the fall

A state Assembly Democrat says he'll try again to move Wisconsin's spring elections to the fall.

Rep. Gary Sherman, Port Wing, has tried before to eliminate the February and April voting. But he thinks the idea will be more popular this year, after just 19 percent of Wisconsin voters turned out for last spring's Supreme Court election.

About one-of-every-10 registered voters chose conservative Michael Gableman as he defeated Justice Louis Butler - who was the first incumbent to be ousted from the state's highest court in 41 years.

Sherman called the low turnout an insult to the democratic process, as well-financed special interests dominated.

He says combining the spring and fall elections would also save money for local election clerks. And with one less barrage of campaign ads every other year, Sherman says there would be less voter cynicism.

His constitutional amendment would also move thousands of other contests from the spring to the fall - including circuit and appeals' judges, the state school superintendent, school board members, county supervisors and municipal offices.

Sherman hopes to get a hearing on the amendment this spring.