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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Primary election day today, only 10 percent expected to cast ballots

Wisconsin voters will narrow the field of candidates today for the person who sets the state's education policies.

But unlike last November, folks won't see party monitors or exit pollsters. And they won't see a lot of people, either, since nine of every 10 registered voters are expected to stay away.

Still, it's an important day for candidates who hope to stay alive in the races for state superintendent and numerous local contests around Wisconsin.

Officials expect about 430,000 people to cast ballots between seven this morning and eight tonight.

The primary for state school superintendent is the only statewide primary. A field of five candidates will be narrowed to two for the April election, with the winner to replace Elizabeth Burmaster.

In Milwaukee, embattled School Board member Charlene Hardin will run as a write-in.

Last year, Hardin got heat for going to a tax-funded convention in Philadelphia and staying just long enough to try and get a goodie bag.

In January, she failed to get enough nominating signatures for a place on today's ballot. But if Hardin is among the two finalists, her name will appear on the general election ballot in April.