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Legislator makes new pitch for marriage

A Wisconsin legislator makes a new pitch for traditional marriage.

Rep Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, has proposed what he calls a Families First package that includes a tax cut for low-income married families and tax credits for married couples who attend counseling classes.

With the state facing an almost $6 billion budget deficit, Pridemore says his measure would save money.

He says those taking advantage of entitlement programs often come from broken homes.

The Institute for American Values estimates that broken families cost Americans $112 billion a year in federal, state and local taxes.

Pridemore says couples should wait longer and think harder before getting divorces. And he says kids of divorced parents need to keep meaningful relationships with both parents.

Pridemore's legislation comes in the wake of a new state report that Wisconsin has had fewer weddings since around 1980, and that divorces rose last year, after dropping steadily since 1990.

The pro-family measure also comes as gay couples in neighboring Iowa start applying today for same-sex marriage licenses.

The Supreme Court in the Hawkeye State ordered a halt to a ban on gay marriage earlier this month.

Couples can marry in Iowa and live elsewhere but Wisconsin law will not recognize those marriages.

The state constitution only allows marriage between a man and a woman.