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Chippewa Falls man faces charges for alleged robbery attempt; passerby rescues victim

A Chippewa Falls man is facing charges after he allegedly tried to rob an assistant tavern manager who had just made a transaction at a bank in Lake Hallie.

Police said the robber was caught dead in his tracks when a passerby grabbed the keys from the man's getaway car, and helped the female tavern employee escape.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in a community between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire.

The woman said a man she recognized as a tavern customer pushed her against a guardrail in the parking lot and tried to grab two money-bags, one of which reportedly had $700.

She broke free and ran toward the bank. But when she got in the door, he reportedly pulled her out again and that's when the passerby ran to her aid.

Once the victim escaped, police said they found the 34-year-old suspect sitting in his car without his keys.

He faces possible charges of attempted strong-armed robbery, fourth-offense drunken driving, and driving while his license was revoked.