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National health care debate focuses on Green Bay; 1,500 expected

The national health care debate shines on Wisconsin today.

The White House chose Green Bay for President Obama's first public exchange on health reform since he was elected last November.

About 1,500 people are expected to attend Obama's town hall meeting, which starts at 12:10 p.m. at Green Bay Southwest High School.

The Associated Press says the woman who will introduce Obama is fighting cancer and she's afraid her medical bills will make her family lose their home.

Obama proposes a government health plan to compete with existing private plans.

He wants all Americans to be covered, including the estimated $50 million who are now uninsured.

Obama wants to make sure those with pre-existing conditions are not locked out. He's letting Congress work out the details.

Steve Brenton, who heads the Wisconsin Hospital Association, says Obama's goal today is to get grassroots support to make Congress do something this summer.

Kathy Hughes, the vice chair of the Oneida Indian tribe, hopes to get Obama's ear one-on-one.

She wants to make sure the Indian Health Service is part of the national reform agenda.

Protestors plan to be along the president's motorcade route.

Conservative Green Bay radio host Jerry Bader and blogger Todd Lohenry of Algoma are organizing the effort.

Bader says the government's involvement in health care and the auto industry promote socialism, and are against the country's best interests.