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Wisconsin traffic deaths at their lowest since 1945

Wisconsin traffic deaths this year are at their lowest since 1945.

And officials hope the trend continues in July, August and September - the months with the heaviest death tolls.

As of last Thursday, 231 people have died on Wisconsin highways in 2009.

That's 13 fewer than last year, which also had record-low deaths caused by the recession and high gas prices.

Dennis Hughes of the state Department of Transportation says the economy still has an effect on travel, even though gas prices are way down from last July.

He says there's a theory among analysts that so-called "high risk travel" on nights and weekends has had the biggest drops.

Hughes said people still drive to work as much as ever, but they're not taking as many leisure trips.

He said motorcycle deaths remain one of the big problems on Wisconsin roads.

Forty-one bikers have died in state crashes this year, and all but five were at the controls.