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Brewers interested in Cleveland's DeRosa; waiting for market to open up

The Brewers said they were interested in Cleveland's Mark DeRosa, before the St. Louis Cardinals traded for him on Saturday.

But assistant general manager Gord Ash said the Indians did not believe the Brewers had the type of players they were looking for.

The Cardinals gave up reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named later.

Ash said the Redbirds wanted DeRosa for the same reason the Brewers did because he can play most positions in the outfield and infield.

Also, DeRosa knows the National League Central division pretty well, after playing two years with the Chicago Cubs.

He batted .270 in 71 games for Cleveland with 13 homers and 50 RBI's.

Ash says the Brewers are waiting for the market to open up.

With so many teams still in the playoff race, he says there are too many buyers and not enough sellers, so the prices are artificially high.

Ash points to the Arizona Diamondbacks as an example.

The D'Backs plan to be a seller and they Brewers could be interested in getting second baseman Felipe Lopez or re-acquiring left-hander Doug Davis.

But with the large number of buyers, the D'Backs can ask for a lot in a trade.