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Women encouraged to enter fast-growing wind energy industry

A new group seeks to get more women into the fast-growing wind energy industry.

Wind energy is a fast-growing industry, but apparently, not a lot of women are getting in.

So Wisconsin women have started their own chapter of a national networking group.

About 16 people have formed the state's Women of Wind Energy. The group started in 2005, and it has about 500 members throughout the country.

Jenny Heinzen teaches wind energy technology at Lakeshore Technical College in Manitowoc County and has had very few female students.

She says women are not discouraged from entering the wind energy field, but many don't realize it's an option.

Meg McCormick, an energy auditor in Waukesha, has gotten a lot of support as she tries to network with other women.

But McCormick says it won't be easy to get more women in the industry until more start enrolling in the training schools.