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Obama's plan to boost the nation's community colleges gets good reviews

President Obama's plan to boost the nation's community colleges is getting good reviews in Wisconsin.

But some leaders of the state's 16 technical schools have concerns.

Obama wants 11 million people enrolled nationally by 2020, more than double the current number.

But Morna Foy of the state Technical Colleges Association says Wisconsin enrollments are already up 25 percent over the last decade and with recent layoffs many campuses are at their capacities now.

Still, she calls the prospects of Obama's program "absolutely awesome."

John Clark, the president of Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids, says the plan includes $2.5 billion to expand community colleges and there's a half-billion to create more online classes.

The total cost would be 12 billion.

Obama says jobs that require associate degrees are expected to grow twice as fast as jobs that require no college training.

But Clark says Obama's effort needs to correspond his initiative to the jobs that are available in business and industry.

Wisconsin tech schools have traditionally partnered with business leaders to make sure there are actually jobs at the end of a student's training.