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Kohl meets with Obama on health care reform

Wisconsin's Herb Kohl was among a small group of moderate Senate Democrats who met with President Obama Thursday on health care reform.

Kohl is part of a new working group that hopes to get federal spending under control. He told the president that the U.S. spends almost 2.5 times as much on health care as 30 other countries in the developed world.

And Kohl said there's plenty of room for cutting costs while not hurting the quality of care at all.

He said the government should reimburse doctors on the value of care instead of just the volume and he said duplicate treatments and over-treatments should be eliminated.

After the meeting, Kohl said he supports Obama in principle but he could not say whether he'd vote for whatever package comes out of the Senate.

Kohl said Congress must craft a reform package that most Americans and businesses will see as a "positive for them."