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Galeman's attorney asks panel to throw out ethics complaint

An attorney for State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman asked a three-judge panel Wednesday to throw out an ethics complaint.

James Bopp said Gableman should not be disciplined for a campaign ad he ran last spring, even if it was misleading.

The panel did not rule immediately. It will recommend to the Supreme Court whether Gableman should be punished for breaking the state's judicial code of ethics.

Bopp said everything in the Gableman ad was true.

And even if the information wasn't complete, Bopp said the Supreme Court was not allowed by the First Amendment to assume the conclusions viewers might have made from the ad.

Gableman said his opponent, Justice Louis Butler, used a loophole as a public defender, and a child molester he represented was freed and offended again.

The ad did not say the decision was later reversed, and the man's last offense came only after he was paroled.

James Alexander of the state's Judicial Commission called the ad a "lie," and was not allowed under the judicial ethics code.

Butler lost the Supreme Court election, but he's now a finalist for lifetime federal judgeships in both Madison and Milwaukee.