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Bucks coach bans Twitter at game sites

Bucks' coach Scott Skiles says he's banning Twitter at the team's practice facility and at game sites both at home and on the road.

Former Bucks' forward Charlie Villanueva made waves last spring when he tweeted to his fans at halftime of a Bucks' Sunday afternoon home game against Boston.

He said the coach told him to step up and while the Bucks won the game, Skiles was upset about the halftime distraction.

Center Andrew Bogut calls the new Twitter rule totally fair.

He said if he ran a business, he wouldn't be too happy if his employees were on Facebook and Twitter when they're supposed to be working.

Skiles says the players can tweet on their own time, but they should still watch what they say.

He told the Bucks not to discuss their personal or team business.