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Brewers' new pitching coach says he's a perfect fit for the team

Milwaukee's new pitching coach says the Brewers can win if he does his job.

Rick Peterson was given a two-year contract Tuesday to improve a rotation which had the National League's highest ERA this past season at 5.37.

Peterson, 54, says he has worked his entire life to maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

And he says the Brewer front office is totally on board with the concepts he used in starting a company this year that uses bio-mechanics to keep pitchers healthy. Peterson said general manager Doug Melvin made it clear that adding new starters is a focus of the Brewer organization.

And until then, he'll work to improve the pitchers he now has.

Peterson replaces Bill Castro, who was fired in August. Chris Bosio, who filled in during the final two months, was offered another job in the organization.

Peterson said he would hit the ground running, because of his experience as a pitching coach under Brewers' manager Ken Macha while he was in Oakland, and under bench coach Willie Randolph with the New York Mets.

Peterson said that even an average performance by the Milwaukee pitchers could win 10 more games for them next year.

The Brewers went 80-82 this year.