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DNR prepares deer hunters for prospects of a lower harvest

Wisconsin deer hunters are gearing up for the gun season which starts a week from next Saturday.

And the DNR is trying to prepare them for the prospect of a lower harvest this year.

Ecologist Keith Warnke says the fawn production has been below-average the past two years. And because the Earn-A-Buck program is virtually gone, he says hunters will take fewer antlerless deer - thus resulting in a lower harvest total.

Warnke says hunters might take more bucks this time.

But he reminds hunters that local deer populations can vary and less than 40 percent of hunters normally get a deer each year.

Wisconsin has been dealing with larger deer populations the last few years.

That led many hunters to assume they could just walk in the woods and take home a deer last November.

And when they found it wasn't the case, they accused the DNR of overstating the deer population.