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Fired head of a state veterans' nursing home gets his job back

The head of a state veterans' nursing home who was fired in August amid allegations of over-spending has gotten his old job back.

Veterans' Affairs Secretary John Scocos re-instated William Crowley, after a Justice Department investigation found that more than $700,000 in spending was justified and that no criminal acts were committed.

Crowley was fired by Ken Black, who was filling in as secretary while Scocos was serving in Iraq.

After last week's Justice report, Scocos said Crowley had been treated unfairly - and he demoted Black from deputy secretary to a lower administrator's post.

Crowley was appointed by Scocos in 2003 to run the vets' home at King in Waupaca County.

He's the only one of three veterans' nursing home officials who's not a licensed nursing home administrator.

But the agency's Mike Trepanier said quality care will be assured because Crowley will report directly to Randy Nitschke of Madison, who is a licensed administrator.

The justice report cited numerous mis-communications at all levels involved, but Trepanier said Crowley should not be held responsible for them.