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Wisconsin's dairy cows outshine peers in production nationwide

Wisconsin's dairy cows made more milk in October than a year ago, while farmers nationally made less.

Last month, 2.1 billion pounds of milk were produced in the Badger State, up 3.5 percent from the year before.

But production dropped by over 1 percent in the 23 major dairy states, to around 14 billion pounds.

Wisconsin's dairy herd grew by 5,000 from a year ago, to just more than 1.25 million head.

And the production per cow rose by 75 pounds in the state, compared with a national increase of 21 pounds.

California, the nation's top milk producer, had a 3.5 percent decrease in its October output.

Most of the Western and Southwest states had declines except for Texas, which had a 2 percent increase.