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Area deputies, road crews keep watch for flooding

This photo taken about 8:30 a.m. Friday shows high water on the Rush River at 490th and 730th streets along the Martell/ Gilman town line. Bill Kirk photo.

Pierce County deputies kept an eye on rising water Thursday evening, staying alert for rising water along the Rush and Trimbelle rivers in and around Martell and off County Road A between Plum City and Maiden Rock. But there were no immediate reports of evacuations.

Ellsworth area school bus drivers kept in radio contact with their bus garage about routes to take but seemed to have no real problems.

In the 24-hour period from 5 a.m. Thursday through Friday morning, the city of River Falls received 1.93 inches of rain. Over the previous two days, the city received a total of 2.81 inches bringing the total this week to 4.72 inches.

Pierce County did activate its automated "Citywatch" alert system, prompting automated calls and recorded advisories to homes within the Rush River watershed area around 8 p.m.

"Rivers are up and there are some township roads closed off," said Sheriff Nancy Hove. "But all our main roads are open and so far, so good. Looks like we should be alright."

"Now we're just kind of watching the Mississippi to see how that's going to rise in the next few days."

Deputies responded to a downed tree blocking a portion of County Road F mid-evening, but the road remained open.

In St. Croix County, highway crews responded to some high water concerns mid- to late afternoon Thursday but only two areas required any intervention, according to patrol superintendent Randy Gunderson.

Rushing water eroded some shoulders near a bridge on Hwy. 63 near 10th Avenue south of Baldwin. Warning signs were deployed near the junction county roads J and W outside Hammond where several downed trees blocked a culvert or drainage way, causing water to pool.

County crews remain on their four-day work weeks until Oct. 1 so repairs won't be made until Monday.

"Next week it's supposed to be sunny so we can get back to our normal lives, hopefully," Gunderson said.

The State Emergency Operations Center in Madison remains activated. A State of Emergency was issued yesterday for Jackson, Clark and Trempealeau counties.

In Pepin County, the city of Durand is making for preparations for high water.

Worst hit appears to be the city of Arcadia in Trempealeau County where the state delivered 20,000 sandbags yesterday and about 30 people stayed overnight at the National Guard Armory. Ashley Furniture partially reopened Friday but schools will remain closed. Highway 93 is closed between Arcadia and Independence.