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Bald Eagle born in metro Milwaukee, first in 100 years

Metro Milwaukee has its first baby bald eagle in more than 100 years.

The state Department of Natural Resources confirmed this week that the eaglet was born in Mequon.

Owen Boyle, ecologist, watched their nest for more than an hour before two adults fed the baby, and the little head suddenly emerged.

The nest was built earlier this year near the top of a white pine tree on private land along Lake Michigan.

Meanwhile, another baby bald eagle may be on the way in Waukesha County. Two eagles built a nest near Big Muskego Lake. Observers have seen an egg there but no babies have been spotted yet.

Boyle says the Mequon eaglet could be flying by early July. He warns people not to observe the eagles up close. That's because the adults might abandon the nest, and the baby would die. It's a federal crime to harass bald eagles.