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Green Bay delays anti-illegal immigration plan

Green Bay's Advisory Committee delayed action Thursday night on a plan to revoke city licenses of businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

More than two dozen people testified and only two were in favor.

Still, the measure appeared to be heading toward passage when its main sponsor, Paul Fradette, council president, called for further discussion in about two to three weeks.

Green Bay's Protection and Welfare Committee will take up the same proposal on Wednesday night.

Fradette said he proposed the license revocations to stop what he called "illegal aliens" from moving to Green Bay in the first place.

But Matt Hollenbeck, who chairs the Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Council, says it would hurt race relations and it would take a full generation to heal the wounds.

Chris of the Wisconsin ACLU said federal laws already stop employers from hiring illegal immigrants.

David Zubik, Catholic bishop, wrote that immigrants help local businesses and they're not security threats.

Tom Winske said Green Bay is a lot more diverse than when he grew up and it's a lot better for it.

Before Thursday night's meeting, a Mexican-American group threatened a lawsuit if the measure became law.