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Judge says teen not coerced in confession about killing principal

A judge said Eric Hainstock was not coerced into telling authorities he shot and killed his high school principal in Cazenovia.

Sauk County Circuit Judge Patrick Taggart said no Monday to keeping a jury from hearing the 16-year-old's confession.

Hainstock is charged as an adult with first-degree intentional homicide in last September's killing of John Klang, Weston High School principal.

Rhoda Ricciardi, public defender, says Hainstock is a year or more behind in school.

At a hearing last week, she tried to convince the judge that Hainstock's learning disabilities kept him from understanding his Miranda rights when police arrested him. She said the officers rammed their rights' statement down his throat, with no effort to know if he could comprehend them.

But Judge Taggart said Hainstock could have had his parents on hand if he wanted and even with his disabilities he showed an ability to recognize his rights. His trial is scheduled to begin July 26.