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Editor files open meeting complaint against Osceola school board

For 50 years, the school board in Osceola would do its business and then share a late meal or snacks after everybody else went home.

But that tradition came to a sudden halt after a newspaper's editor and publisher came back after a meeting last month and found the members still discussing school business behind the public's back.

That would be against the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law which requires that all matters be discussed in public with certain exceptions.

Kyle Weaver, editor of the weekly Sun in Osceola, filed a complaint with the Polk County district attorney and he expects a decision next week on whether it will be prosecuted or not.

Members could be fined up to $300 for each violation. Officials said the late food goes back to a time when only farmers served on the School Board and a meal after the meeting was their only chance to eat and socialize.

But Timm Johnson, board president, said when the newspaper officials paid a visit, he felt like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He said it took him about two seconds to end the gatherings.