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Search intensifies for family feared drowned in Mississippi River

The Army Corps of Engineers and more rescue divers from Minnesota will join in the search today (Tuesday) for four boaters missing since Saturday on the Mississippi River.

Authorities and dozens of volunteers failed Monday to find any trace of Chi Kong Yang, his fiancée, Cee Her, and her two children, Josh and Amanda Xiong.

They fell from a fishing boat Saturday in rough waters near a lock and dam at Dresbach, Minn., and their boat got sucked into the lock structure.

A boat equipped with sonar will be among the things employed today. The Coast Guard is expected to restrict boat access, after shutting down traffic for several hours Monday. Authorities are also asking for more volunteers.

Hmong elders beseeched the spirits of the river, the sky, and the water Monday to try and bring the family's bodies to the surface.

The victims are from St. Paul. A report Monday said they had moved to La Crosse.