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Avery's request for new trial to be heard Tuesday

Steven Avery's request for a new trial will be debated in court Tuesday, 10 days before he's scheduled to be sentenced in the slaying of Teresa Halbach.

Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, defense lawyers, wrote a 39-page document trying to prove that the state denied Avery a fair trial in February and March.

They said it was inconsistent for the jury to find him guilty of killing Halbach but innocent of mutilating her corpse.

Her burned body was found in a pit at the Avery family's auto salvage yard near Mishicot on Halloween of 2005.

The defense has also asked Patrick Willis, Manitowoc County circuit judge, to reconsider some of the decisions he made.

Strang and Buting said the jury was tainted by live news conferences aired in March of 2006, which detailed graphic evidence given by Avery's nephew Brendan Dassey.

His comments were the basis of three charges against Avery, all of which were later dropped.

The defense also questioned two decisions involving individual jurors.

Ken Kratz, special prosecutor, has not filed a written response to the request for a new trial.

Avery faces life in prison plus 10 years, but Willis can set a parole date.