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Judge wants teens accused of plotting Green Bay attack tried together

Three teens accused of planning a Columbine-style attack at Green Bay East High School will be tried together.

A judge said no Wednesday to letting Bradley Netwal, 19, be tried separately.

His lawyer pointed to newly-released computer and video evidence, in claiming that Netwal was not involved in last September's plot.

But Circuit Judge J.D. McKay said a separate trial would not be appropriate.

Netwal, William Cornell, 18, and Shawn Sturtz, 18, are all charged with conspiracy to commit homicide and property damage.

Cornell also faces a weapons charge after guns were confiscated from his home. Their trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 13.

Prosecutors said they were planning to shoot students they didn't like and trap everyone in the building by burning napalm at all the exits.

The three were arrested after another student heard about the destruction plot and alerted school officials.