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Milwaukee lawmaker wants anyone arrested on felony charges to give up DNA

Everyone convicted of felonies in Wisconsin must leave samples of their DNA with the police.

Now, a state lawmaker wants those merely arrested for felonies to give their DNA to the government

Rep. Sheldon Wasserman, D-Milwaukee, says it makes sense to gather as much DNA as possible to find criminals and prevent future crimes.

Wasserman says those eventually acquitted would have the option of having their samples destroyed. He had a bill to this effect which died in a committee in the most recent session.

Wasserman says he'll try again next year if he's elected to the Senate where he's running against incumbent Alberta Darling.

Wasserman says colleagues in both parties support his measure.

Wisconsin's not the only place where it's being done.

Twelve states allow DNA samples from those arrested but not convicted and 20 other states were said to be considering it this year.