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Groups want to buy Holmen land to remove star and cross

Two groups want to buy a small piece of land owned by the village of Holmen, which has a religious star and cross on it.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation in Madison says it will offer at least $500 for the 30-by-30-foot property - five times its appraised value.

The American Humanist Association of Washington says it will bid at least $500 - and if they get the land, they say the cross will be gone.

The Holmen Lions Club has maintained the religious display for 50 years. It, too, plans to make a bid, but it wouldn't disclose its offer.

The star and cross are normally lit up during the 40 days of Lent.

A Holmen resident complained about the display last March, saying it should not be on government property.

The village bought the land about five years ago. It's located near a reservoir.

The Village Board will decide next month what to do with the purchase offers.