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Mylo saves owner's life during fire

A dog saved his owner's life in a Calumet County house fire.

Mylo, an 8-month-old Springer spaniel, woke up Dave Emmer after their living room started on fire near Sherwood late Monday night.

Town of Harrison fire chief Mike Brantmeier said three smoke alarms were sounding in the ranch house.

Emmer said he couldn't hear any of them because the door was closed to his bedroom where he was sleeping.

Mylo heard the alarms and he jumped on Emmer three or four times before the man woke up and got out.

The home has smoke damage and Emmer is staying with relatives while it's getting fixed.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Emmer says Mylo probably merits a reward for his actions and firefighters told him they could probably get him a steak if he wanted one.