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Western Wisconsin lawmaker says he's had enough of Madison politics

American politics have always been rough and tumble.

But state Rep. Terry Musser, R-Black River Falls, says it keeps getting worse, and he's had enough.

Musser has become the 10th representative to say he won't seek re-election this fall. Musser has been in the Assembly for 14 years.

Last year, he got singed when it was revealed that he inaccurately claimed for years to be a Green Beret in Vietnam.

Musser said the last straw was the personal attacks he got from his GOP colleagues when he broke party ranks and supported the new law that helps rape victims get emergency contraception.

Musser says nastiness and vindictiveness rules the Capitol more than ever.

Musser is best-known for his bills to help Wisconsin veterans.

He chairs the Assembly's Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.