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New UW-Madison chancellor to make more than UW president

For the first time, the chancellor at University of Wisconsin-Madison will make more than the president of all 26 public campuses.

The Board of Regents voted Thursday to hire Cornell provost Biddy Martin as Madison's new leader, at a salary of $437,000 a year.

System president Kevin Reilly will make $414,000, after he and other top administrators were given 3 percent raises.

There were some rumblings in the Legislature about high UW salaries, at a time of massive layoffs in the private sector.

Regents' president Mark Bradley says the UW must pay to get good talent - and they're not keeping pace with other schools.

In fact, Martin's taking about a 20 percent pay cut.

Tax filings show that she made $534,000 in salary and benefits at Cornell. Here, taxpayers will not cover all of Martin's salary.

The UW Foundation and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation will cover about $50,000 each.

Reilly says he'll donate about $70,000 of his salary to a fund that provides scholarships for needy students.

Also Thursday, the Regents hired Richard Telfer as the new chancellor at Whitewater, and Robert Felner as the new chancellor at Parkside.