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GOP blasts Doyle for Obama fundraising while state floods

As Democrat Barack Obama campaigns in Wisconsin today (Thursday), Republicans are trying to embarrass his biggest supporter in the Badger State.

The GOP chided Gov. Jim Doyle for raising campaign money Wednesday, saying he should have been comforting flood victims and pushing for disaster aid.

The party said Doyle gave away the Democrats' strategy of putting politics before people.

Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner called that nonsense. He said the governor only spent a little time at his sixth annual golf outing in Verona, where supporters paid $1,250 to shoot a round.

The outing did not take away from any of Doyle's response to the floods.

Sensenbrenner says the governor has talked frequently with FEMA, the National Guard and his various cabinet secretaries.

Doyle has not said if he'll run for a third term in 2010, but he won't shy away from raising the millions he'll need if he does run again.

Meanwhile, Obama is scheduled to talk about the economy at a town hall meeting in Kaukauna during the noon hour.