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Doyle's global warming task force can't reach compromise

Gov. Jim Doyle's task force on global warming says it cannot agree on some proposals so it wants to find out what you think.

Task force leaders Tia Nelson and Roy Thilly have a compromise plan that would modify the state's 30-year-old moratorium on new nuclear power plants, once certain conditions are met.

They also suggest voluntary emission reductions by utilities. They recommend against a so-called "cap-and-trade" program for greenhouse gas emissions, in which the biggest polluters would buy credits from those who don't use all their allotments.

Experts say it would cut total pollution. Critics say the reductions would be expensive for business and cost everybody more in the long run.

Also, Nelson and Thilly are still leaving the door open for high-tech windmills in the Great Lakes, the most talked-about proposal so far. They would let renewable energy from large hydro-electric projects in Canada qualify in meeting state standards for such power.

The governor's global warming task force is taking public comments through next Wednesday.