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DOT gets OK to repair breach at Lake Delton

The Village of Lake Delton says it will let the state Department of Transportation repair the breach which drained the lake 15 days ago.

At a meeting Monday, village officials said they would bypass the normal bidding process so the cleanup can begin as soon as possible.

The goal is to bring the lake back by next spring.

A new diversion channel is now being created to direct lake water to its original outlet. That work could be finished this week.

The breach created a new channel which dumped the lake water down the Wisconsin River, destroying five homes and ruining part of the nearby County Trunk A.

Meanwhile, the village is working with state and federal officials to resolve issues over a floodplain map.

Those issues caused the village to lose its federal flood insurance coverage in 2001, much to the chagrin of the landowners who lost their homes this month.

Village attorney Richard Cross says it's anybody's guess how much landowners would get, even if the village returns to the program retroactively.

The resorts on Lake Delton have lost a ton of business this year.

Some worry their business will suffer next year because they can't make any promises in January when many visitors normally make reservations.