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I-94 may finally fully reopen in southern Wisconsin

There's a chance that Interstate 94 from Milwaukee to Madison will fully reopen by the end of the week - but don't hold your breath.

The state Department of Transportation says the five-mile bottleneck at Lake Mills could be eliminated by the end of the week but only if it stays dry.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast for tonight (Wednesday) into the weekend.

Widespread rains are expected on Friday, which could raise the water levels on the falling Rock and Crawfish rivers.

It's those high waters that put a crimp in the Interstate almost two weeks ago.

Westbound lanes were closed for a week while a crossover was built. Now, there's only one lane in each direction for about five miles and traffic slows to a crawl during rush hours. Milwaukee's annual Summerfest opens Thursday.

The DOT's Dennis Shook would love for the freeway to be open for that he says it's got to be safe.

Meanwhile, parts of Devils Lake State Park near Baraboo will finally reopen Thursday.

The DNR says the campground will open, but the north and south shore boat landings are still closed due to flooding.

Most hiking trails also remain closed.

Devils Lake is one of the state's most popular parks. Its beach is still under water.