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Stillwater man extradited in Madison murder case

The man charged in the apparently-random stabbing death of Joel Marino in Madison could appear in court today (Tuesday).

Adam Peterson, 20 has been extradited.

He was transferred Monday to the Dane County Jail from Stillwater, Minn., close to his mother's house where he was arrested last Thursday.

Police are still not saying what led them to Peterson as a suspect.

More clues could come when a search warrant request is unsealed in Stillwater.

Madison Police asked a judge there for a warrant to obtain a DNA sample from Peterson.

On Friday, they said the man's DNA was on the knife used in killing Marino, 31, in his house on Jan. 28.

Peterson attended the University of Wisconsin last fall, but he later dropped out.

His father said Peterson stayed in Madison until an episode which made him check into a hospital's psychiatric ward for a week.

He moved back to Minnesota soon after that.

Police say they're still trying to determine if there's a connection between the episode and the murder case.

Peterson was not a suspect before he was hospitalized.