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Doyle interviews finalists for UW-Madison Chancellor; first time for governor

In what's thought to be a first, Gov. Jim Doyle interviewed the four finalists for University of Wisconsin-Madison's new chancellor.

The head of the state Assembly Colleges Committee calls it inappropriate.

If Biddy Martin doesn't work out, a spokesman for Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, says the Democratic governor should be held accountable.

But U-W spokesman David Giroux said Doyle did not have a formal role in the way Martin was picked.

Still, he said the Madison chancellor has a statewide leadership role and it was appropriate to seek reactions to the candidates from the governor and legislators.

Lawmakers were invited to meet the four finalists.

Nass thought that was inappropriate, too, and he didn't take part.

Doyle spokesman Lee Sensenbrenner said the governor appointed the selection committee, and he merely passed his thoughts on to them.

Sensenbrenner said Doyle was impressed with Martin, the outgoing provost at Cornell. But he said the governor never made anything close to a formal recommendation.

Doyle was not involved in the recent chancellor search at U-W Parkside where the top candidate quit before he started, after learning he was under a federal investigation at the school he was about to leave

That case spurred a former U-W review into how chancellors are selected.